The Greek Association of RES Electricity Producers (GAREP) is a private, non-profit organisation founded in March 1997. According to its Statutes, members of GAREP are legal persons (companies) based in Greece, whose aim and objectives are linked to the construction and operation of commercial RES installations. A member company must have already realised RES investments or, at least, must have obtained the necessary administrative licenses for realising such investments in the immediate future.

Today, GAREP is the only RES producers' association in Greece and has more than sixty (60) companies as members, including the majority of the top 10 Greek private companies involved in the RES sector.

GAREP, through its Governing Board (consisting of the presidents of top RES companies), as well as through its long list of member companies, can promptly activate and employ very substantial RES technical expertise and working experience, in any project of common interest.

GAREP's current Governing Board:

1. George Peristeris, TERNA ENERGY SA, President

2. Thanasis Tsantilas, ROKAS RENEWABLES S.A.,Vice President

3. George Anemodouras, WIND PARKS OF GREECE SA, General Secretary / Treasurer

4. Victoria Alexandratou, WRE HELLAS S.A., Member

5. Dinos Benroubi, PROTERGIA S.A., Member

6. Vassilis Spiliotopoulos, GAMESA GROUP, Member

7. Giorgos Spyrou, IWECO CHONOS CRETE S.A.

8. Konstantinos Fillipides, ENTEKA WIND PARKS SA, Member

GAREP is a member of the European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF) and is represented in its board of Directors by Mr. Savvas Seimanidis, who was elected Vice President of EREF, in May 2012.

GAREP is also a member of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and of the Hellenic Electricity Association (HELAS).

According to its statutes, GAREP's scope and aims are:

a) The promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and the promotion of the corresponding business activities of its Partners - Members.

b) The study of matters that interest its Partners - Members.

c) The protection of the professional interests of its Partners - Members and the solidarity among them.

d) The coordination of the actions of the Partners - Members for the achievement of their common goals and the harmonious cooperation and support among the Partners - Members.


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